December 8-14, 2019 Tube Kiln Wood Firing Retreat


Join me for the first firing of the new tube wood kiln! The tube kiln is a modified version of an “anagama” style kiln. Anagama style kilns are long and tapered in their design, while the tube kiln is a straight catenary arch. We will load the tube kiln starting Sunday morning at 9am, begin firing Sunday evening. We will complete the firing of the tube kiln Tuesday, allowing it to cool until the unloading Saturday. If there is enough work and a desire, we may also be able to fire the small gas/wood/soda kiln.

I spoke with several people about whether or not to open the first firing of the tube kiln as a workshop, and everyone said, “absolutely!” For 15 years I’ve traveled to private kilns, schools, and art centers to conduct firing workshops in kilns I’ve never fired. This is no different than any of those situations, perhaps it is a better opportunity to learn how I read, and make decisions when it comes to firing a new kiln.

I chose the tube kiln for the ability to load in one day, fire for 2 days, achieve even temperatures without the need for side stoking, dramatic flame paths, and the incredible ash glaze buildup capabilities. A large firebox facilitates easy stoking patterns, and an elaborate sutemna chamber superheats the back of the ware chamber while slowing down the flame and ash as it moves through the kiln. The stackable space in the kiln is approximately 60 cu/ft, providing each of the 4 workshop participants 10 cu/ft in the kiln. Wood firing color development is highly influenced by the type of clay used. I highly recommend using Continental Clay Wood Fire Porcelain, Domestic Porcelain, or B-Clay. These readily available options are excellent choices for making your artwork for the firing.

I’ll provide slips, glazes, wadding, meals, and shared accommodations for up to 4 people. We’ll learn about loading, firing, atmosphere, stoking patterns, air flow, to help develop flame paths, clay body color development, and ash accumulation. Wet clay demo’s, discussions about design decisions when making work for atmospheric kilns, lots of pizza oven cooking, and possibly even an additional firing in the small gas/wood/soda kiln.

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