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Negotiated Relationships

  • Loyola University Chicago (map)

Kate Biderbost and Matthew Groves invited a group of 10 potters to participate in this "place setting" type exhibition in the Ralph Arnold Gallery at Loyola University Chicago.  Their vision of creating a dining table with very different styles of pottery will surely be an exciting experience.  Their description is copied below:

"This exhibition features a group of artists whose work is an exciting fusion of form and surface, drawing attention to the paradoxical nature of pottery, which is sculptural and utilitarian. It invites us to consider the non-visual evocative qualities of touch and use particular to pottery.

Each artist has provided a complete place setting, including dinner plate, salad or dessert plate, soup or cereal bowl and a mug or a cup and saucer. Made from a variety of materials, which help to define how casual or formal the meal setting is, these exquisite forms elevate the experience of eating when in use, and enrich the domestic interior when at rest.

Some of these artists consider their work to be three-dimensional abstract or gestural paintings, others feature playful illustrations of the observable world, or reference inspirations as diverse as mountains and the experience of water.

For all the artists in the exhibition, the experience of making pots is an emotional, aesthetic and intellectual investigation, involving a knowledge of culinary and cultural history. The exhibition hopes to highlight that when in use, pottery fully engages our senses, sight, smell, taste, and touch."

Curated by Matthew Groves and Kate Biderbost